The Zyto Compass

Decision Support Technology

The Zyto Compass can ask your body what it prefers.

When you go into your neighborhood health food store do you find it difficult to decide which nutritional supplements you should be taking? Often times you’re making your best guess based on how you are feeling or what you think you need.

It would be nice if you could ask your body what it prefers and you get an answer?

This health assessment tool combines the power of dynamic changes in the electrical properties of the skin with ZYTO’s Decision Support Technology software.

ZYTO technology measures the fluctuations in the energy patterns of the skin.

When you place your hand on the Compass hand cradle, the ZYTO software sends stimuli to the body using digital signatures representative of various nutritional supplements. Each stimulus creates a unique  response which the ZYTO software measures and analyzes.

It’s like asking the body questions about your nutritional products and listening to its answers.

Each response is ranked according to the body’s product preference. Armed with this new information, you will feel more positive about using and purchasing your products.

I am thrilled with using The Compass for myself and for my family. It reassures me that we are using the right products for our health.

My Clients Feel Quite Confident When Using the Zyto Compass

The Compass System is a remarkable and reliable assessment tool. It is simple and inexpensive to use. Families may well benefit from having their own ZYTO COMPASS saving them from paying routine consultation fees and ensuring specific individually-tailored programs.

ZYTO’s technology has been reviewed by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), an approved FDA consultant, along with legal experts who have determined that it does not qualify as a medical device and therefore does not require FDA registration.

The ZYTO technology has performed hundreds of thousands of assessments worldwide and has reported excellent results. A recent hospital study showed a high correlation between the information provided by ZYTO’s technology and the recommendations made by attending physicians.

The Compass does not treat, cure or diagnose. It is a tool designed to assist the individual in finding the body’s preference for any list of items.

This information is used to make better decisions about personal health and preference for nutritional supplements.

ZYTO technology involves information theory and biology physics.

Each of these disciplines has several studies that validate the individual components that make up the ZYTO technology. For example, there are several studies over the last century relating to GSR and its use in measuring the body’s reaction to stimuli.

In order to understand more how The Compass works, go to this link. This is the most amazing technology, that can be used easily in your home for very little cost.

Instead of going to the health food store and pondering which supplement you should take, The Compass will help you with that decision. 

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