Womens Health Issues

This page is focused on womens health issues. Male health issues are equally as important and is written on another page.


One of the main health issues to look at is Obesity in Women.

When you eat more food/calories in a day than you actually need or work off, fat will accumulate. Continue this practice over a period of time and obesity is a result. You start to see those bulges around the waist line, hips, even on your back. This is called fat.

Poor diet and very little activity leads to all kind of health issues.


Fibromyalgia sufferers are usually women. Why?

It is believed that fibromyalgia is mainly caused from a physical response to mental and emotional stress.

High Cholesterol

This is a term we are hearing more and more often. There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. LDL and HDL. Low Density Lipoprotein and High density Lipoprotein. It is very important for bodily functions to have cholesterol, but it must be kept in check.

Some cholesterols get transported around the body along with some fat molecules. LDL affects the arteries in the body and accumulate within their walls. This is not a good thing. Have you heard of plaque build up? That’s what this is. It is also known as atherosclerosis. There can be serious consequences from plaque build up. Heart disease and strokes could be two of the risk factors as a result of high levels of blood cholesterol.

Womens Health Issues and Nutrition

There are so many books nowadays that are written on nutrition. There is no excuse for not being conscious of what is good for you and what is not. You have to be walking around in a daze if you are not listening!

There are billboards, posters in our subways, posters on our buses, every health food store in town, your local grocery store and many, many others that remind you that nutrition is so very important.

My observation is that most people are not listening. Just look at the obesity in children. They learn from their parents.

PMS Relief

Have you gone through the PMS time of your life or are you still experiencing it?

I remind my female clients, that if they eat really well, keep the weight off, exercise and get the required amount of sleep for their body, there will be less chance of them experiencing a stressful PMS time of their life.

You may have Candida Symptoms and going on a Candida Diet will lighten the load on your body at this time. Also keeping your pH balanced in your body is something to become familiar with.

A full Candida Program would help you get your body back on track to make Menopause 'a breeze'.

This will also help you go sailing through Menopause with little or no symptoms.

Speaking of womens health issues, Susan Weed has two wonderful books called...

Menopausal Years written in 1989 and a newer version called New Menopausal Years written in 2002. Both these books are an excellent resource for you to have on hand. She answers a lot of womens health questions. She is indeed a wise woman.

Ovarian Cysts, Osteoporosis,Endometriosis, Irregular Menstrual Cycles are more Womens Health Issues to learn about.

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