Types of Stress

Different types of stress affect different people.  It is very important to listen to your body and do what you need to do to relieve that stress level on yourself.

Human beings are made up of complex systems of physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual characteristics. All of these aspects of your humanity need continual healing and support.

Signs of Stress

You can go all day every day for a long time, then one day you find yourself unwell. I think that's called 'Burning The Candle at Both Ends' or 'Burn Out'! Does this sound like you? Other signs that your body is trying to tell you something -

  • excess fatigue
  • extreme feelings of loneliness
  • sleep disorders
  • weight loss
  • feelings of being agitated

Mental and physical stress has increased. More people are taking time off work because of stress. I wonder if the media and electronic devices has been an aid or a hindrance to our health?

The endocrine system is a finely tuned system and is affected by your stress levels.

We tend to believe that stress is out of our control. I know this is hard to believe, but we can be in control of how we handle our stress. We can change our behaviors and our response to a situation or circumstance.

Your Body reacts to types of stress in ways you have probably never thought out.

It is common knowledge that stress weakens your Immune System and can cause inflammation in your body.

Since Candida is a condition of imbalance, your stress level will limit the speed of your recovery. Stress can trigger relapses, just when you think you have about got your condition turned around.

If you suffer from insomnia,and sleep disorders look at your stress level. Perhaps what you perceive as stress and your body perceives as stress are two different things.

If your body becomes overly acidic, rather than a balance of acid and alkaline, your body becomes stressed. The symptoms that follow could be an expression of that stress.

One day, you find you have developed allergies, digestive issues, insomnia, headaches and yes, even candida.

There are many ways for you to relieve your stress levels.

Workplace Types of Stress

Does your boss 'scream and yell' all day long?  I have one friend who works in a place where he yells at everyone.  She works very hard not to take it personally.

Another friend spends 1-1/4 hours driving one way to work and the return trip could be even longer, depending upon the traffic.

Maybe it's time re-evaluate your skills and work from home.

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