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About Nature’s Sunshine!

Nature's Sunshine and it's many supplements are celebrating their 40th year in 2012! Their motto is "Quality, Service and Integrity" and they have lived up to their motto for the entire 40 years.

Other Nature's Sunshine's Achievements worth mentioning are...

  • In 2001, NSP was recognized as one of the best public companies to work for by Utah Business Magazine. This was based on several criteria, including employee benefits, work environment, 401(k), etc.
  • Business Ethics has listed Nature’s Sunshine in its Top 100 Corporate Citizens for four years straight, 2003-2006.
  • In 2002, Nutritional Outlook magazine named Nature’s Sunshine Manufacturer of the Year for its outstanding quality and manufacturing excellence.
  • In October 2004, Selling Power ranked NSP number 8 in America’s 500 Largest Sales Forces—Direct Sales. 

NSP is known for its unwavering commitment to the quality of their products and their continuing and ongoing investment in the latest technology to assure us that we get the very best product available. Many of the products are unique in their formulations and exclusive only to Nature's Sunshine.

Their Quality Assurance department and Manufacturing processes are similar to those of the pharmaceutical industry.

Quality Assurance and State-of-the-Art Technology

NSP’s has four quality assurance labs. One for herbs, vitamins, mineral and microbiological testing. Each lab contains millions of dollars’ worth of equipment and is constantly being upgraded.

We have the capability to measure Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) levels with our testing equipment.

There is sophisticated technology on the production floor and throughout the plant.

From air quality control, to product mixing, to tablet and capsule production, state of the art machinery is used. The supplements that come from NSP are guaranteed to contain exactly what is said on the label.

I have visited the Utah facility many times. I was in awe of the size of it, the cleanliness, the technology (which I, of course, didn’t understand at the time) and the massive sized machinery used to mix herbs and to encapsulate them too.

There Are Many Tests on the Supplements Before You See Them

150 Different Tests

NSP knows there are no shortcuts to quality. The raw materials used and the finished product are examined as thoroughly as technology allows.

Here is a list of a few of the more important tests that are conducted at the plant in Utah.

In all, there are more than 150 separate tests to determine the quality, purity and potency of the materials and products. Here are some of them.

The actual raw product is put into quarantine when it arrives in the plant from it's original source.

  • Ash testing
  • Bacteria testing
  • E. Coli testing
  • Foreign Organic/Inorganic matter
  • Heavy Metal testing
  • Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Microscopy
  • Moisture testing
  • Mold and Yeast testing
  • Tablet Disintegration/Dissolution
  • Viscosity testing
  • Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry

In order to maintain the quality of the material each incoming shipment of raw materials is subjected to this testing and more.

These are all good reasons why you should choose Nature's Sunshine as your personal health food store.

Looking for a lucrative home-based business opportunity?

We are continually expanding our business in many different countries all over the world. Work with high-income earners and become one yourself by joining our team!

I mentor people who would like to start their own Nature's Sunshine business, whether it be part time or full time.  There are free online training webinars with master herbalists where you can continually learn from.  If you have the motivation I am happy to help you.

Contact me for more information.

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Five Good Reasons for You to Join Our Team

  • There is unlimited earning power.
  • There is a residual income.
  • Choose when you work.
  • Enhance your standard of living.
  • You can choose when you want to take vacations with your family.
  • By earning trips with NSP, you can have fully paid vacations.
  • Enjoying tax deductions is a benefit of having your own business.

Why an NSP business is a good idea

Modern nutritional nightmares are food additives, microwave cooking, pasteurization, refined sugar and even most energy drinks make it necessary for us to supplement our daily food with good quality products.

Supplements have become absolutely necessary to maintain excellent health.

Hence there is a growing market for our products.

The Company has operations in Canada, USA, South Korea, Mexico, Venezuela, Japan, Brazil, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, the United Kingdom, Israel and Chile.

The Company also exports its products to several other countries, including Argentina, Australia, China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway and the Russian Federation.

Our Canadian Nature's Sunshine website is available to view.  You will be order directly from this site shortly.  In the meantime, it's best to contact me using the contact form above.

Our Canadian website is available to view. You will be able to order directly from this site shortly. In the meantime, it's best to contact me using the contact form above. Nature's Sunshine Products of Canada

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