Natural Health Products Threatened

Shawn Buckley is a lawyer with expertise in the natural health products industry and the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations. To quote, "the new Natural Health Products regulations in Canada are proving to be an unmitigated disaster".

For those of you who are not aware of the situation here in Canada, we are having quite a battle with Health Canada and the Minister of Health. They have been trying to close down the natural health supplements industry for years. They have succeeded in having over 17,000 products taken off the market this last year.

As Canadians our 'freedom of choice' is at risk and our constitutional rights are being violated.

If we are not able to persuade Health Canada to revise their licensing criteria, then we will have lost a great deal of freedom of choice in health care.


Go to the Natural Health Products Protection Associate site and keep up with the latest news. As unbelievable as it may sound to some of you, Health Canada is on track to eliminate 75% of our health supplements. Laws have already been passed removing your constitutional rights to use safe, natural alternatives rather than drugs.

For many, it is a life-threatening situation. There are many people that have adverse reactions to the drugs that are being presented today.

Shawn Buckley is a Constitutional Lawyer who has successfully fought Health Canada in the Supreme Court. Additionally, he is working to protect our rights as individuals to access these natural supplemental products.

What he has to say is shocking and disappointing, but very enlightening as to what is happening to your freedom of choice. Now is the time to get involved and to stand together before it is too late.

Please forward this to anyone and everyone you know that is interested in 'Saving Our Supplements' and/or interested in retaining their freedom of choice.

Even if you do not currently use Complimentary Health Supplements, you do not want to lose your choice to do so.

If you came to this website because you have an interest in knowing more about how to eliminate Candida, you should know that natural health supplements will play a critical part in your success.

Who knows what the next freedom taken away from Canadian citizens will be?

We all need to support our Freedom of Choice in healthcare. We believe the natural products industry and Canadians who use these products for their lives, do not need to compromise.

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In his article, Safe or Unsafe?, Shawn Buckley tells the tale of Geri, a woman who has lived with breast cancer for 25 years, and who attributes her longevity to Natural Health Products (NHPs).

'Upon assumption of danger', NHPs that Canadian citizens depend on for their health and well being are being systematically removed from store shelves. As catalogued to date, over 20,000 foreign products, including some that have been used safely for centuries are no longer available to stores in Canada. Shawn relates that Geri: "...truly cannot understand why a natural remedy she relies on to stay alive is being taken away from her. She certainly does not feel protected or safe because of the regulations.”

The Charter of Health Freedom and Alive Magazine

The NHPPA was thrilled to be offered space in one of Canada's most respected and widely circulated natural health magazines to let readers know about the The Charter of Health Freedom! Close to 200,000 citizens will pick up the print version of Alive in one of 900 stores across the country and learn about "a proactive law which, while giving the Government more teeth to address real dangers, would also require a balancing between an individual's need for a remedy and the State's goal of addressing real risks."

The harm the current regulations are causing is no longer an academic question. The regulations are impacting real people like you and I.

Shawn calls us all to action in the article:

Make a difference by:

  •  educating yourself
  •  supporting groups working to protect natural remedies
  •  signing the petition for the Charter of Health Freedom
  •  writing to your MP and the prime minister about your concerns

CLICK HERE to read Shawn Buckley's article Safe or Unsafe? published in Alive Magazine (Dec 2012)

CLICK HERE to go to an interactive explanation of the Charter of Health Freedom

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