Male Yeast Infection

A man may not recognize the symptoms of a male yeast infection.

Most men will go merrily along and will never know that they have a candida/yeast/fungus infection. This condition is very difficult to detect in men since men and women are built very differently.

The first clue happens when the infection starts to create OTHER health problems.

Symptoms of a Male Yeast Infection

This usually starts in the Genital Area with an irritation under the foreskin or at the tip of the penis.

This irritation could feel like a burning sensation or an itch.

There could be a red skin patch on the penis or under the foreskin. Watch out for a discharge. It could appear as a thick or thin cottage cheese like substance.

You could experience discomfort when passing urine. This is quite common.

Candida Clear can be the first step
toward a yeast infection solution.

A male yeast infection is also responsible for the following male health issues.


There are two types of thrush that can occur in the male. Oral and penile.

Oral Thrush

Oral thrush usually appears as creamy white lesions. It can be in multiple places at once, such as

  • tongue
  • inner cheeks
  • roof of the mouth
  • gums
  • tonsils

Penile Thrush

Also thrush will appear in men around the penis. Jock Itch could also be another sign that Candida or thrush is in the body.

Jock Itch is a very common, itchy rash of the groin and penis that may may come and go. It can be a very itchy, with or without a red or pink rash in the folds of the groin and genital area.

Jock itch when severe, may spread to the inner thighs, scrotum, and anus.

Both men and women with diabetes and/or obesity, are more susceptible to this problem.

Athlete's Foot

Athlete's Foot Fungus is a fungus, usually between the toes. This area of the foot is quite often damp from being in running shoes or other enclosed shoes. Fungus likes dark, damp places.  Read about Tea Tree Oil for athlete's foot.

Tea Tree Oil

Causes of Candida in Men

The same causes are relevant to the male or female body.

  • widespread use of broad-spectrum antibiotics
  • use of steroids
  • poor diet consuming sweets

The statistics are that one out of three people in the Western World have Candida!

This affects men, women, children, babies and even your family pet.

Yeast Infection Treatment

Since the conditions causing a male yeast infection are the same for everyone, it is critical that sugar/sweets/carbohydrates be removed from your diet.

I strongly recommend as a first step that you implement Candida Diet to help you get control of this issue.

Next, use my Herbal Candida Treatment available on this website. The Candida Cure program is a 14 day program, all in one package.

Reducing your stress level is important as well.

Having a male yeast infection is stressful on you and your immune system. So it is important to put in place a relaxation time each day. This relaxation time could be in the form of a walk in the park or a nearby forested area. Take your dog for a walk. Also, listening to relaxing music helps to calm the mind after a busy day at work too. These are just a few ideas.

Candida in men can also affect the Prostate Gland. This is a major concern for most men. Prostate gland health also has a built-in immune function. It is a key factor which supports urine flow, vitality for life, and a healthy sex drive. 

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