Life Changing Herbal Candida Treatment

It is absolutely necessary to do a herbal candida treatment program when the delicate balance of friendly and unfriendly bacteria population in the intestines gets disturbed. When the protective layer of bacteria which lines the mucous membranes throughout the body becomes weakened it is a perfect opportunity for yeast and fungus to jump right in!  

The healthy and normal cells inside our intestines is food for yeast.  This can be very damaging.

Where Are the Mucous Membranes:

  • mouth
  • nose
  • eyelids
  • windpipe and lungs
  • stomach and intestines
  • vagina, ureters and urethra and bladder

Candida Albicans is a natural part of the gut flora in your body.

When this Candida grows out of control, then your Immune System becomes compromised.

Your Digestive System and Urinary System also are at great risk.

When Candida reaches a systemic level (grows throughout your body) it is much more difficult to deal with. By now you are also feeling so very sick. Candida Symptoms are too many to mention and you are experiencing the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome.

What Weakens This Delicate Microflora Balance?

Poor Diet - The typical American diet that I have mentioned on many previous pages is the main culprit. A poor diet throws the body into this chaotic condition. Eg: sugar and caffeine!

Drugs - Certain medications, especially antibiotics taken long term will throw this delicate balance off. Drugs such as Nystatin and topical ointments such as Vagisil that are medically prescribed do not rid the body of Candida.

Suggested Methods for Herbal Candida Treatment

Changing to a Candida Diet is critically important and is the place to start, but food alone will not control this problem.

This is the 14 day Candida Control Program I suggest.

  • Antifungal yeast infection treatments – a combination of herbal remedies that are known to have antifungal properties and have a long history of use for this purpose.
  • Probiotic Supplements– many strains of beneficial bacteria to repopulate the gut with friendly flora and to boost Immune System function.
  • Enzymes – to help 'eat up' dead and dying yeast cells that are being eliminated through the bloodstream as proteins.
  • Silver - Silver Sol has been documented to kill yeast both inside and outside of the body.

This is called 'Yeast cell Die Off'. You can read the Candida Die Off symptoms here.

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