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“Healthy and happy people are becoming so rare, one ought to keep a good specimen of man in a museum so that it will be remembered what he looked like.” Quoted from Nyoiti Sakurazawa

Become Healthy

If our desire is to become healthy, we will select the appropriate food and food combining for our body.

This Center is designed around nutrition, body type, important facts about food and how our body should be taken care of.

It consists of a mish-mash of varying philosophies, some of which will contradict the other.

I hope you can use the information from this Candida Wellness Center to help you on your journey to lead a healthy and happy candida free life.

I have always said, "as long as I learn one thing that I can use, it was worth going to that course or reading this book" ...or viewing this site on Candida and reading this lengthy page named Candida Wellness Center because it encompasses a lot of information on food and your health. Feel free to add some of your ideas to this page as well. There is a form to do that further down on the page.

I have recently acquired a wonderful computerized health assessment tool, called The Compass. The Compass will help you determine which health product your body needs. You can also purchase a Zyto Compass of your very own.


Food is fundamental to our health. By choosing certain foods, we are already committing ourselves to health or disease. To become knowledgeable about Genetically Engineered Foods or Foods that are irradiated or what chemicals are being used, would help us stay healthy and keep our young families healthy.

Proper foods make us strong and healthy enough to resist disease in all its forms.

America is now experiencing a phenomenon unique in history. We are trying diets of all types. Some work for you, some don't! Some are healthy diet, others are not!

  • raw food diet
  • the grapefruit diet
  • the Weight Watcher’s diet
  • the honey diet
  • the water diet
  • the steak and salad diet
  • Atkins Diet
  • food combining diet
  • vegetarian diet
  • South Beach Diet

and without naming them here, we have all heard of more. Even though, you may be quite happy with your present eating regime, there is always more to learn about food and our bodies.

By the way,

if you'd like to gain access to a Candida cure, for more details I invite you to look into Candida Clear.

It helps provide you with the proper diet over a 14 day period in order to control candida overgrowth.

Here are some of things I like to teach at Brenda's Candida Wellness Center:

How to Choose Your Foods

People who are sick or in delicate health should eat cooked rather than raw vegetables.

It is important to understand that all sicknesses arise from excess. In every case of sickness the quantity of eating should be reduced.

Today's nutritional nightmares are not always your fault.  In this day, the food additives, microwave cooking, pasteurization, refined sugar and energy drinks lead the way. 

Some Cooking Suggestions for You

Steaming is the healthiest way of cooking most vegetables.

Steaming preserves most vitamins and minerals and a good many enzymes as well, providing the process is not too long.

Saute lightly in butter, olive oil or coconut oil is also an acceptable cooking method.

    These vegetables are best eaten cooked.

Cabbage, broccoli, brussell sprouts and kale contain a chemical that blocks the production of a thyroid hormone.

Beet greens, spinach and chard contain oxalic acid that blocks calcium and iron absorption and irritates the mouth and intestinal tract.

Raw potatoes contain a substance that can disrupt the proper function of red blood cells.

Raw spinach salad and raw cabbage salad are popular but should be eaten only occasionally.

Healing Foods

Categories of Vegetables

All vegetables contain good things and will fit your individual food sensitivities.

Dark Green, Leafy Vegetables

    Spinach, chard and beet greens contain abundant vitamins and minerals, B vitamins, calcium and trace minerals

Cruciferous Vegetables

    Cabbage, chard, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli contain natural chemicals shown to block the formation of tumours in the digestive tract


    Potatoes and sweet potatoes, root vegetables, such as carrots, turnips, parsnips and beets, the squash family

The Lily Family

    onions, leeks and garlic

Nightshade Family

    tomatoes, eggplant and bell peppers

All about Bell Peppers

All of the bell peppers - green, red, orange or yellow come from the same species of plant - Capsicum Annuum.

All the brightly colored peppers are more ripe than the green ones and are harvested much later. 

As Dr. Jensen said, each colored vegetable has different nutrients.  Well bell peppers are no different.  The green ones have more chlorophyl, yellow have more lutein and zeaxanthin carotenoids, orange have alpha, beta and gamma carotene and red more lycopene and astaxanthin.  You can see these vegetables have a lot of good nutrients for you.

They taste good too!

Organic or vegetables grown in a chemical free environment are the best tasting. I have heard many people say, when they eat organic food, they tend to eat less than what they would have with chemically grown foods.

Global Health Information on our Candida Wellness Center

Most of the calories consumed throughout the world come from only seven food families. These two food families afford well over half of the world's food volume. They are

  • Grasses - cereal grains, bamboo and sugar cane
  • Legumes - peas, beans, lentils and peanuts

The other most-used food families vary according to the climate and region.

  • Palms - coconut and palm kernel oil
  • Cabbage family - cabbage, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, radishes and many more common vegetables
  • Nightshade family - potatoes, tomatoes and peppers
  • Rose family - temperate tree fruits and some berries
  • Carrot family of foods - carrots, celery and parsnips
  • Other food families like citrus, fungus, olives, grapes, sweet potatoes and seaweed are strong in various areas of the world.

If some of these foods listed above are unfamiliar to you - try them - broaden your culinary tastes. 'Step Outside the Box'! Enjoy some new and different foods. I will help you out by printing some interesting and tasty recipes.

As mentioned before this Candida Wellness Center is a mish-mash of valuable information, so please enjoy this page! If there is any information you are seeking, whether it is related to Candida or you think should be added to this Candida Wellness Center, please feel free to contact me.

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Food Sensitivities

Almost any vegetable can cause adverse and allergic reactions if eaten to excess – that is why variety is so important.

Vegetables from the nightshade family may irritate arthritis and painful joints in sensitive individuals.

Cruciferous veggies contain high amounts of sulphur which may cause problems for some.

Vegetables from the onion family tend to stimulate the glands and therefore be avoided by those suffering from fatigue or weak adrenal function.

Reheating Vegetables

Here is some good advice on this candida wellness center regarding dark green leafy vegetables.

Concentrated nitrites are found in dark green leafy vegetables when they are commercially grown using high nitrogen fertilizer. These nitrates may be transformed into potent carcinogens during the cooking process and in storage of cooked vegetables.

It is not advisable to reheat vegetables, particularly green vegetables.

Fat Soluble Vitamins

Put butter on your steamed vegetables. The fat-soluble vitamins need butter so that your body utilizes the minerals.

Season veggies lightly using sea salt after cooking.

Whole Grains

All grains contain phytic acid, an organic acid in which phosphorus is bound in the outer layer or bran.

Untreated phytic acid can combine with calcium, magnesium copper, iron and especially zinc in the intestinal tract and block their absorption.

This is the reason a diet high in unfermented whole grains may lead to serious mineral deficiencies and bone loss.

The modern misguided practice of consuming large amounts of unprocessed bran often improves colon transit time at first, but may lead to irritable bowel syndrome. Soaking allows enzymes, lactobacilli and other helpful organisms to break down and neutralize phytic acid. The practice of soaking cracked or rolled cereal grains overnight in acidulated water (Acidulated water is water where some sort of acid is added—often lemon juice, lime juice, or vinegar) will neutralize phytic acid and improve their nutritional benefits.

I used to soak raw oatmeal overnight in pure water and a drop or two of lemon juice, cover it, and in the morning mix organic raisins and organic walnuts in it, sometimes add rice milk but frequently just eat it as is. It was delicious! You could also use dates as the sweetener.

The soaking neutralizes enzyme inhibitors, present in all seeds and encourages the production of numerous beneficial enzymes, including vitamins, especially B Vitamins.

There is so much more to mention on this Candida Wellness Center page, so I will keep writing.

We can all benefit from valuable nutritional ideas. Feel free to contact us and give us some of your healthy ideas. Brenda's Candida Wellness Center will be an on-going process, so come back frequently!

Staying healthy incorporates the use of diet and exercise and how these could change your life. Read about some of the best superfoods. Food creates your body and serves as your fuel.

How to Feel Better

Here are a couple of important sentences to remember. This will help you feel better, during an 'unwell' period.

When illness arises, stop, look and listen! Experiencing dis-ease, is sending a message for us to slow down and listen to our body! We cannot limit ourselves to treating a disease. We must go further and deeper to understand the process of our bodies. Many times the apparent disease is really a process in which the body is attempting to make itself better.

This Candida Wellness Center is here for you to learn some new ideas that you may be able to apply while on your pathway to wellness.

Healing Modalities

In this section of my Candida Wellness Center is a brief description of different modalities for you to use to help you attain better health.

Allopathic Medicine

Allopathic means “treating sickness oppositely,”ie; giving a medicine for a symptom or illness which may counteract it by causing an opposite reaction. Western Medicine has made great advances scientifically and technologically, yet it still has some weaknesses and limitations.

Western medicine has made great breakthroughs in acute care treatment and its technological advances in emergency care, it’s antibiotic development for infectious diseases and it’s surgical intervention for trauma and advanced illness.


Homeopathic medicine applies the idea of treating ‘like with like'. This means treating someone’s condition with a substance that would cause the same symptom(s) in a healthy person.

The effect of this is to undermine the illness and cause its elimination from the body. Frequently, this worsens the symptoms for a brief while, before one begins to improve.

Homeopathy, uses minute and frequent doses taken over a longer period of time than allopathic drug therapy.

It also takes into consideration the personality, emotional and mental condition of the individual.


Benjamin Franklin said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Prevention really involves self-education and self-awareness, being in touch with what you need. My purpose for this candida wellness center is to help you become more aware of what is available.

Nutrition, Herbology and TCM all incorporate the subtleties of keeping the body finely tuned.


Food is the body‘s fuel...the quality and quantity you use makes the energy on which your wonderful body machine runs.

Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals, which are all used in specific body functions. Fruits and vegetables help toward good elimination.

Bread and cheese may be more binding and create congestion and add weight.

Meats and dairy may have a congesting effect...

Other congesting foods are

  • breads
  • cakes
  • cookies
  • candies
  • soft drinks
  • sugar products
  • flour
  • noodles
  • potatoes
  • corn
  • processed foods
  • chemicals in foods

Sounds similar to a candida diet doesn't it?

Congesting foods in large quantities can lead to stagnation and illness.

Oils and butter act as lubricators, aiding the mucous membranes, intestinal elimination, joints, tendons and ligaments.

Although cheese is listed as a congesting food to the body it also has many nutritional reasons to consider it.  It is best for you to use it sparingly at first and listen to your body!


The original American medicine is the study of plants with medicinal properties and their actions and uses. Using herbs on the whole body will cleanse, build and balance the body over a longer period of time.

Herbs have specific properties.

Herbs can act as

  • diuretics
  • diaphoretics (cause sweating)
  • expectorants (expel mucous from the pulmonary system)
  • alteratives(alter bad conditions to good)
  • demulcent-emollients (soothe and soften tissues)
  • tonics
  • cleansers
  • topical

Herbs can be used to balance certain systemic and/or specific imbalances within the body.

Most herbs have multiple effects.

Nature's Sunshine Products

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Nature's Sunshine Products

TCM – Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is thousands of years old. TCM ties together man, woman and nature. This harmonious communication between them gives their mutual health.

My candida wellness center has a lot of good information for you to peruse and use to keep yourself and your family members on the road to good health.

Some exciting news that I would like to share with you. There is now an acupuncture clinic in Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

If there is any information that you would like to share with this Candida Wellness Center please go to my contact page.

We'd love to hear from you. We can all benefit from valuable nutritious ideas.


Iridology is a system of analyzing and caring for the body through the use of drugless and natural methods.

Iridology is a science of reading the patterns, markings and structures of the iris of the eye. Iridology can help us to see individual personalities.

It is a system that works hand in hand with natural habits of living which build health and eradicate dis-ease.

It determines whether the condition of the body in the affected organ is in an

  • acute condition
  • sub-acute condition
  • chronic condition
  • destructive condition

This candida wellness center is meant to be a helpful source for you in different areas of nutrition.

Learning about different modalities that can assist you on your pathway to healing.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Come back again to this Candida Wellness Center.

As mentioned before this Candida Wellness Center is a mish-mash of valuable information, so please enjoy this page! If there is any information you are seeking, whether it is related to Candida or you think should be added to this Candida Wellness Center, please feel free to contact me.

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