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I have listed some of the Candida books mentioned in this website. There are many others that I think have great information for you. and will sell used books at a reduced price and new books as well. I have mentioned books on Vegan Recipes, Candida Recipes, Meditation and some wonderful true adventure books that I just loved.

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Make your reading time, a time to learn new methods to prepare exciting and nutritious meals. Learn about meditation and other healing modalities.

Candida Books With Tasty Recipes & Other Diets too!

Some easy and healthy recipes can be found in this book.

An amazing book!

This is a wonderful book on Chocolate. Maybe not the healthiest book to start this page with but you must check it out.

The Coconut Oil Miracle talks about the many uses for Coconut Oil, including many recipes for you try.

An interesting book on Palm Oil

Apple Cider Vinegar Information

There is lots of good information about honey in this book.

The Candida Control Cookbook, has many tasty recipes for you to make, while on a Candida Diet.

Another excellent Recipe Book for you while on a Candida Diet.

The Yeast Connection is very informative about Women's Issues and Candida and other topics pertaining to Candida in the Body.

Lynn Lawson has written a very informative book on allergies.

Julie's book is mostly about understanding inflammation.  Healthy recipes are included.

Julie`s 2nd book is about food allergies, inflammation and weight gain.  More recipes too!

Dr. Perlmutter really knows what he is talking about in this book.

Staying Healthy with the Seasons is written from a TCM point of view, saying that with each season, our bodies require different foods in order to stay feeling healthy.

Richard Gerber talks about many forms of Vibrational Medicine. This book bridges the gap between science and spirituality on the subject of energetic medicine.

The Cookbook for People Who Love Animals is a Vegan Cookbook with some of the tastiest and easiest recipes for you to follow. This book was from a restaurant in Maui, where they prepared all these wonderful, tasty meals.

This book is about Cancer.  Answering questions whether Cancer is a Fungus.

Try some of these new recipes.

Have you ever considered juicing? This is an entire book on the Benefits of Juicing.

This is the most amazing, true adventure stories I have ever read! You can learn how tea was first traded in Tibet and the hardships that were endured by the traders.

Walking Meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh starts by teaching you to do a focused breathing. There is a CD and DVD included.

This is another excellent resource about the importance of drinking water.

A wonderful book which will guide you through...

I read this little book The Compassionate Diet from start to finish in a very short time. I couldn't put it down. Lots of good information which will make you think.

Wonderful techniques for Meditation and ways to help you on your spiritual path.

I saw these gals on TV, talking about their cookbooks. This is a collection of their Healthy Cookbooks.

Dr. Hugo Rodier is a dedicated MD, who 'walks his talk'. Read this book and learn about Sugar and Sugar Addictions.

A worthwhile book on herbals to have on your bookshelf.

Many people have asked me for a recipe book for making bread in a bread maker.  Here is one!

This book has information in it that everyone should know about.

A fascinating book on Chinese Medicine.

This is one of Dr. Bernard Jensen's best books.

A whole new perspective about menopause.  A must read!

This is a peaceful meditation book.

This book came highly recommended.

Most recent additions to this page...

This is a must in your cookbook library!

An easy to understand book on fats and oil for human nutrition.

Kevin writes a book full of interesting and valuable information for our continued good health.

I continue to Update this Page with new and interesting Candida books. Please check back often.

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