Brenda Whan's Story

Let me introduce myself. I am Brenda  and I have been in the Natural Health Care field for almost 26 years, practicing Iridology, Therapeutic Touch, Reflexology, Acupressure and Stress Management mostly in the City of Toronto.

My own interest in Natural Health Care started back in 1989. I knew I felt really poorly with absolutely no energy at all. I had to make changes in my life.

A friend recommended that I book an appointment with an Iridologist. What's an Iridologist you ask?

Not knowing myself, what Iridology was all about, I was very skeptical. I was hesitant to tell her my name was Brenda.  I decided to try it anyway.

She looked into my eyes with a flashlight and a high powered magnifying glass while telling me along the way, what she saw. The color and the markings all told a story about my present health and my past health. Wow! I was impressed with what she was able to see by just looking into the iris of my eye.

At that time, I had never even heard of Candida or Yeast or Fungus or anything like that being in the body. That started my life change.

I didn't realize at the time what an impact this would have on my life. I was headed in completely new directions.

Everything I did turned me in the direction of better health... new friends appeared, I was reading new books and started living a more natural approach to life and health.

I started attending seminars sponsored by Nature's Sunshine Products of Canada and others. My education had begun. I have come a long way.

I changed my eating habits and started taking herbal supplements on a regular basis. I developed a routine of counting out my daily allotment of herbs, putting them in a container and taking them with me wherever I went. Eating healthy is my number one priority.

People noticed the changes in me and regularly commented on them.

Eventually, my lifestyle had changed so much, that the only direction for me to take was a new business and career.

I traveled to far away places to take courses to enhance my knowledge and as I mentioned before, this new business has so far lasted over twenty years and hopefully many more to come.

Brenda Whan and Nutrition

I grew up in a home where nutrition was very important.

My mother always insisted that we eat our veggies and we eat slowly. As youngsters, my brother and I had to at least taste something, even if we said we didn't like it. Of course, you know, we probably had never even had it before, so how did we know we didn't like it? Kids do that!

Over the years, I have tried vegetarian, vegan, raw food and candida diets and slowly have gone back to eating sweets and many other foods that are really not supporting my body in a healthy manner.

You know how easy that is to do?

I found the hardest time is when I’m invited out to dinner, either to a restaurant or a friend’s home. If I am not with ‘like minded’ people, it is even more difficult.

Have you ever watched a group of people’s laughter (guilt) when the desserts get presented at the table?

I have books and magazines on nutrition that my mother read dated back as far as 1940.

A hard copy book written by Victor H. Lindlahr named ‘You are What you Eat’, was part of our library as well as ‘How to Win & Keep Health with Foods’ by the same author. My Mother also subscribed to a magazine called ‘Journal of Living’ which in the 1940’s cost 25 cents monthly.

A favourite of mine was a booklet entitled 'Bush Medicine in the Bahamas’ which was copyrighted in Nassau in 1969. Much of my growing up years was spent in Nassau and as a child I considered Nassau to be my home.

I have written a page entitled 'Bahamian-Bush-Medicine' which you can link to.

While visiting one of the out islands of the Bahamas, I happened upon a small pharmacy. The inventory consisted of a few bottles of over the counter anti-histamines, pain killers, band-aids, etc.

The salesperson said that if I was looking for real medicine, she would refer me to a bush medicine store farther inland. I never did find it.

Brenda Whan's Life Change

My studies began with Dr. Bernard Jensen and Dr. Jack Ritchason in Nutrition and Iridology.

My first course on Nutrition and Iridology with Dr. Jensen, in 1989, really convinced me that this would be the direction for me to move.

Then I went on to learn from Master Herbalist, Steven Horne and completed many other courses and had many other teachers including Vivian O'Neill,CH,NHP,RhA, in Belleville, Ontario and Betsy Vorontoni at Health With Herbs in Toronto. Malik Cotter in Maui was a mentor in Maui who again moved me into learning the basics of TCM.

I have recently acquired a wonderful computerized health assessment tool, called The Compass.

Brenda Whan Goes Travelling...

I love to travel and usually include a course of some interest to me, in the natural health care field while I am there.

In Maui, I took courses in Taoist Internal Exercises, Qui Qong, and Acupressure.

I studied with Dr. Bernard Jensen in California and Montana.

Brenda Whan...A New Direction in Life...

In view of my childhood influences and allergies to drugs and chemicals, I began to research and use preventative medicine and herbal supplements for myself and my family.

As I learned more, I began to help others.

I have been using Nature's Sunshine products personally and in my practice for over 20 years and they have provided me with many opportunities to hear herbalists, doctors, pharmacists and included many courses on the use of herbs.

I am an independent distributor of Nature's Sunshine Products. I love this company. At Nature's Sunshine, quality, service and integrity is their motto. They more than live up to that obligation.

I have been using herbs and nutritional supplements from this company since 1989 and know that they are the best. Although there other good companies out there, Nature's Sunshine Products of Canada can boast top quality and this company stands behind every product.

I am proud to be able to help people live a healthier life by using these products.

Where is your health? Are you listening to your body? It's telling you the truth.

I would like to thank Betsy Vorontoni for the many hours of sharing her knowledge and her passion for helping people.

Many thanks to Vivian and Rob O'Neill for their continuing support with my business.

I help people get started in a no risk full time or part time business in nutrition and wellness. 

I am passionate about as healthy a lifestyle as I possibly can achieve and supporting others with their health challenges is my goal.

Candida and how it relates to HIV AIDS and Cancer is a topic that is especially close to my heart.

I continue to study and learn more every day and will share it with you.

I would love to help you. Please contact me using the Contact Brenda Whan form below.

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Since all my studies about nutrition and natural health care I took on the challenge of building my own website.  I really wanted to be able to reach more people on the topic of health and candida. 

You can do a website too.

Do you have a special interest to share?

Please let me know that you are learning and benefiting from my hard work!

Sincerely, Brenda

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